Thursday, August 6, 2009

if the rain comes

i really like rain. at least, summer time rain. it's cool. it's cleansing. and it sounds neat. and makes the grass grow. if, that is, you live in a geographical area where grass does grow.

and that's a big part of why i like oklahoma. grass does grow. green. lush. i lived in the desert for most of my life, and i can't count the number of visitors who would say something like "oh my oh my. the desert is so beautiful!" hmmm. well, when you're raised in the desert, you don't think of it as beautiful. you think of it as dirt. and weeds. and hot. and laced with evil things like reptiles and scorpions.

even as a mere child i remember appreciating the beauty of green, lush grass. and rolling hills and trees. in my opinion much prettier than the stinking desert. not to mention that it's lots cooler than the desert. but i know. arizona has "dry heat". here we have humidity. well, let me address that.

have you ever opened your oven door when something's been baking in there for a while? and you feel this big blast of "dry heat" hit you in the face? yep. that's "dry heat". and it's hot. but the humid heat, while it certainly can make you sweat and feel uncomfortable, will not bake you like an oven would. and no matter how high the mercury rises here, if you're outside, in shade, and there's at least a bit of a breeze blowing, you're not nearly as uncomfortable as you would be in an oven.

back on point . . . as one may have guessed, it's raining out. and here in the first week of august when we're expecting the temperature to be in the high 90's or just over a hundred, the rain is a refreshing, welcome break from all that. and the earthworms crawl up on the sidewalks, so if you're inclined to go fishing - there's your bait.

rain is just really cool.

and another thing i like is zip lock bags. wow. i hope whoever invented zip lock bags is a billionaire by now. what a great idea. kinda like tupperware, but you can just toss them in the trash. maybe not so ecological sound as we should be. but oh so convenient. yep. i like zip lock bags.

if i wanted to i could take a zip lock bag out and capture the rain. wow, that's getting too weird. think it's time to do something constructive.

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