Monday, December 28, 2009

MMIX - the good, the bad, the ugly

okay, obama was sworn in. good? bad? or ugly? as i try not to coin politically here, i'll leave that up to you. i will say this . . . i'm disappointed in his fulfillment/lack of fulfillment of certain campaign promises. and i'm not sure where we, as a country are headed. but perhaps the biggest news of 09 - obama.

and on the subject . . . the ongoing dispute about his right to become president of these united states of america. was he or was he not truly born in hawaii? i'm kind of tired of hearing the discussion. he's in office. matter closed.

michael jackson died. as did farrah faucett. i preferred farrah 10-1 over michael. although there was a time when michael became almost as pretty as, oh, diana ross, he never got close to farrah in appearance. and right or wrong, i choose to think farrah had more character than michael. so i'm tired of hearing the michael jackson hype as well. he's gone. just like elvis. i don't need to know about family manipulations or attempts to control his estate. he's gone. just like elvis.

the lakers won the nba championship. i didn't like that. i don't much like the lakers. mostly i don't like kobe bryant. he's an egocentric ball hog. glory hog. and the worst part of it is . . . he's also damned good. makes shots no one should be able to make. and that pisses me off even more. i just don't like the guy. as far as i'm concerned, the lakers pretty much rival the yankees in terms of hatred. who do i want to win the world series? anyone but the yankees. who do i want to win the nba title? anyone but the lakers.

who do i want to win the nascar championship? anybody but baby jimmie johnson. or the bigger evil, kyle busch. and i lost that one, too. lakers, yankees, baby jimmie. i had a bad sports year. wonder who won the super bowl. don't really remember. steelers? that wasn't so bad. wait. yes it was. i believe they beat my arizona cardinals. not my favorite team, but a group of my former home boys. didn't mind the steelers so much. just would have been a better story to have seen the cardinals win.

there probably was a hockey championship of some sort. i didn't really notice.

other news? probably. right now i remember mostly the blizzard of 2009. that's the most recent event. but we've already beaten that up pretty badly, so i'll let it go.

but even though i had a bad sporting year on aught nine, overall, not so bad. got me a metal detector and found lots of "treasures". got myself a new, self-propelled lawn mower. visited kids here and there. had a new grandson. mostly, life was good.

joined facebook and re-connected with some old friends. none that i've seen. but we've communicated electronically. that's been fun.

got a new laptop. that's a good thing. new laptop is loaded with vista. that's not particularly good.

trip to colorado for my nephew's wedding earned me a damn speeding ticket. cop got the wrong guy. but i couldn't convince him of that. that was bad. very bad.

oh, scooter moved away from home. into his own apartment. took a lot of getting used to. for me, not for him. i had to learn to talk to my wife again. it was either that of the dogs. for conversation i generally prefer the wife. and maybe that's why we seem to have a better relationship. we talk more. we know each other more. kind of like old times. that's been good.

and scooter still comes to visit frequently. not like he moved across the country or anything. just across town. so that's ok, too.

well, i've meandered on long enough and said mostly nothing. those of you who read this . . . i apologize for it's lack of insightful content. but i got bored. nothing on tv after the thunder game. too early to go to bed. writing this is a good transition. maybe next post will be better. tune in next week.

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