Saturday, April 17, 2010

it's a boy

well, it's official. i do have a brother. and even though i've actually had one my entire life, i have to count tuesday, april 13, 2010 as the official birth date of my brother glenn, cause that's when i actually met him. what a treat. and all these years of wishing i had a big brother to play baseball with, to help me work on my car, to just hang out with. now i gotta remember to tell glenn to bring his baseball glove next time he comes this way. and his tools.

the meet was set up by jo, and on tuesday evening jo, mac, hon and i drove up to edmond to glenn's daughter's home. glenn's daughter, i realize, is now my niece, glenda. and glenda and my nephew-in-law, mike, live not more than 20 minutes away. and on tuesday glenn, my new brother, and wanda, my new sister-in-law, were visiting my niece and nephew-in-law. made it very convenient to meet.

glenda met us at the door. i don't remember what i was really thinking before the door opened, but i guess i was wondering whether or not the new nix's would look like the nix's i already know. and when i first saw glenda, with glen standing just behind her, it hit me that i don't even know what a nix is supposed to look like. neither of them looked like dad. but then, neither do i. nor jo. nor lynda. so i quickly realized that physical traits don't mean much at all. it's truly what's on the inside.

our visit with glenn, wanda, glenda and mike was very enjoyable. it was exciting to meet to begin with. but the four of them were so cordial and pleasant it was almost as if we'd known each other for years. i guess that's what's it's supposed to feel like when family members get together.

so now that the initial meeting is done, seems very natural to just include them in our family gatherings. we talked to them briefly about virgie, our aunt and now family matriarch. at 91, virgie is a great lady who, over the years, has been the one that's kept the members of the extended family in touch with one another. we gave glenn and group virgie's phone number, and the next day jo called virgie and gave her their info as well. within 24 hours glenn and virgie had met, over the phone anyhow, and had a two hour conversation. i think they'll like each other. and glenn and wanda live close enough to virgie that they'll be physically meeting very soon, i'm sure.

so all is looking well here as far as the recently expanded nix family is concerned. and for anyone who's interested, here are some new family pictures. plus, a very old picture i just found, circa 1927, a school picture, i believe. and there, in the front row, dad and glenn's mom standing side by side. how ironic is that?