Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fool's day

my opinion is it doesn't have april first for the fools to surface. it can happen any and every day. it does happen every day. like when i was driving home from tulsa last night. and as i moved into the left lane behind a yukon that was traveling slightly slower than me and a car coming up from way behind apparently felt me and the yukon driver needed to move back into the right lane and let him go by. but we couldn't cause we were pretty much along side the truck by then. he flashed his lights off and on several times. i waved. when we cleared the truck i moved over and let the fool go by. state of oklahoma official plates. i wrote down the number. i'll be reporting the fool today.

scooter did his taxes on-line. and e-filed. and there was some sort of error that caused his return to be rejected by the irs. last week he and i corrected the error and re-submitted his return. he's anticipating his refund this week. and he's excited to get the money as he's looking to move into his very own apartment and the tax money will sure help with that.

sadly, he received an e-mail this morning informing him that his return had been randomly selected by the irs for auditing. his return processing will be delayed thirty to sixty days. he called me to discuss this. i suggested he call the number referenced in the e-mail. i also asked him to call me back and let me know what he finds out.

one minute later the phone rang. he got it. the phone number listed for the irs was actually the oklahoma singles hotline. that's when he realized he'd been had. yep. april fools.

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