Sunday, April 5, 2009

sunday, sunday

i'm still working on figuring out the dynamics of this blogging thing. i feel i should add something once in a while. or, since it's sunday, and i've been listening to my ol' buddy dw for a good part of the day, i should say "i feel i oughta add somthin oncte in a while." and i'm trying to do that. in fact i have major plans.

hon has a blog. and even though hon's generally (oh, forgot it's sunday. make that "generly") less computer literate than i am, she has a blog and she has moving pictures and all kinds of neat stuff on it. not moving pictures as in movies. just a sort of slide show of some of the artsy/craftsy things she's created. and i'm working on "figerin" out how to do that so i can post all the pictures i wanna post. pictures of my family, my friends (both of em), my dogs, maybe a cat even. and pictures of the ducks and geese at our lake. and things like that.

then i "figer" i can tell a little story about each of these family members. maybe a bit of a bio along with some "inerestin" anecdote (i think it was ron white who said that if he'd known the difference between anecdote and antidote his childhood best friend would still be alive. but somehow reading his buddy a short story from reader's digest didn't do the trick.) about that family member.

so toward acheiving this goal i've asked my kids and family members to send me digital pictures. i'm storing them on my computer. and when either i figer out that slide show stuff or just talk hon into doing it for me, i'll get them posted and have a real blog thingy.

that said, someone suggested that mostly bloggers, that's what the author of a blogspot is called, use their blog to talk about something that they may be passionate about. like politics. or recycling. or maybe donations to the autism foundation. so i could talk about racin. i could talk about children's cancer stuff. or baseball. (by the way, this is opening nite of the 2009 baseball season. and my oldest daughter, adri, and her squeeze carlos, are in philly sitting two rows behind the phillie's dugout waiting for some has been dignitary to throw out the first pitch so the game can begin.)

now i guess it's incumbent upon me to pick and choose one of these categories (or can i speak of two? or maybe three?) and commence to writin stuff that may be inerestin about somethin. maybe another day.


  1. Just say whatever comes into your head. That shouldn't take too long. :)