Friday, July 3, 2009

alone again, naturally (with apologies to gilbert o sullivan)

hon's been gone something like 38 hours now. and i'm surprised at how lonely i feel. especially considering she's been gone before. branson in march. salt lake last april. in the solar splash days she was gone three days here, a week there. but during all those periods i don't think i ever felt quite this lonely.

through all those i had scooter bob around. i think. and this time, even though he's not around, he's close by. and he and i went with my sister and brother-in-law to dinner last nite. after dinner i thought for sure that scooter would hang out with me a bit. but no, he needed to get home. he was tired. his injured knee was hurting - physical therapy, you know.

and suddenly i realize that i have no friends. at least not in oklahoma city. i have some acquaintences. but no friends. i have some relatives. but no friends. i might have to post a "friends wanted" ad on craigslist. nah, people would take that all wrong. i've seen those ads.

the dogs can be a whole lot of company. but they aren't very good conversationalists. oh, trixie will talk to you. but it's always the same thing. cookie, cookie, cookie. or outside, outside, outside. or, bed time, bed time, bedtime. with trixie, it's always a one sided conversation.

turbo talks a little. when he's outside and wants in he sure lets you know. and if he's in a playful mood and you haven't noticed, he'll sure let you know. but he's not much interested in baseball or nascar, so there's really no common topic for discussion.

and petunia? well, she starts talking at the weirdest times. and talks an awful lot. but damned if i've ever been able to figure out what the heck she's saying.

hon's cat, buster, the weird one, started talking last nite. he was in the dining room and just started yacking away. for no particular reason. then he came into the living room and started yacking right in my face. i know how to talk to him. i just say "shut up, buster" and shove him outta my face.

so lonely leads to boredom. wanna hear some boredom?

garage door broke last nite.

after a dozen coats of paint, i'm still sanding and re-painting the cabinets.

it's 6:22 a.m. i started writing this at 6:15. the dogs got me up to go outside at 5:49 and i'm still up. blogging. is that not the epitome of boredom?

mowed the back yard and it sure looks nice.

wish i had some bacon, eggs, biscuits. i could use a great breakfast. hmmm, maybe i should go somewhere and have breakfast. great idea. need to fill up the mower gas can and mow the front yard before it gets hot. have to go out. why not eat while i'm at it?

nope. i'm going back to bed. cause writing this has made me as sleepy as you've gotten reading it.