Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mere meanderings

ok, i've had enough of the michael jackson garbage. yes, he made some good music. twenty or more years ago. since then he's mostly been a total freak. and a pervert. of course, he denies that he's a pervert. he just likes sleeping with little children.

not sold on that, however. i saw an old interview on tv last nite (not that i was watching anything michael jackson, it just came on during some magazine type program while i really wasn't paying attention) where he denied having any cosmetic surgery work on anything but his nose. hello? you want us to believe you only "sleep" with the little children, then tell us you haven't had anything done with your chin? your cheek bones? and how did that skin really turn so white?

so in addition to being a freak and a perv, he's also a liar. enough, already.

and suddenly the much reverend jesse jackson and the revered reverend al sharpton show up in la la land and jockey for position against each other to determine who is the family's best friend. and minister.

come to think of it, where have these guys really ever ministered? i'm not sure about sharpton, but i'm pretty darn sure jesse jackson has never had a church to minister to. but any time there is a death in the circle of black celebrities, these guys show up on camera to be spiritual support for the family. and grab as much of the spotlight as they can get. funny how they're never visably present due to the death of celebrities that aren't black. is that discrimination?

speaking of discrimination . . . the supreme court reversed sonia sotomayor's decision on a discrimination lawsuit. somewhere in new jersey, was it? because non-minority firemen who applied for a position were denied the job because no minorities had applied. and sweet sonia supported the action of the community in not filling the position, thwarting the lawsuit filed by the non-minority applicants. somehow i fear that if sonia is installed as a supreme court justice we're gonna be subjected to severe reverse-discrimination. what happened to truth, justice, fairness?

i hate painting. hon's been dabbling at painting the kitchen cabinets for a couple of months now. and seems like she's never gonna finish it. so i decided to lend a hand. took her to home depot, bought paint, clear acrylic, and came home and we both started sloshing it on. she's much more careful than i. i tend to put a lot of paint down in one pass. and i drip and splash a good bit. but it's water based and easy to clean up. and my side got covered much more quickly than hers. and i don' t think it looks bad, overall. still don't have the clear coat on, but it's shaping up nicely. first painting project i've been involved in in ages that may really work.

lastly, i'm envying scooter today. his company paid for tickets for their entire sales crew to attend a motivational seminar. lots of big shots. guliani, forbes, stoops (for those not from oklahoma, bob stoops is the sooners football coach - that's the top big shot in this area.), and he even shook hands with joe montana and colin powell. i don't swoon over montana. wasn't a 49er fan. but i do think a lot of colin powell. would love to see him. wonder if he likes sonia sotomayor.


  1. i know. i wrote that before you told me about lady bush. for those who may read this, scooter bob also met laura bush. my apologies for the omission.