Sunday, September 27, 2009

life changes

this has already been a really weird weekend for me. for the first time in a long while i've had to really act like it's weekend, rather than just another day or two. i'd been spoiled.

for a little over two years i've worked from home. meaning i could get up, brew myself a great cup of coffee, wander into my office area, turn on a computer and begin working. lots of computer work. scheduling some outside appointments. weekly out of town trip. but mostly, my time was my own. i didn't have to punch a clock, so if i wanted to mow the grass on wednesday afternoon, well, who's to say i couldn't. i needed to get my work done, but mostly the done could happen just about any time throughout the day.

so saturday and sunday weren't dramatically different than normal working days. well, i didn't do much work. sometimes a little. but the schedule remained essentially the same.

but all that changed last week when i accepted a job offer from a different company. and now it's off to a real office at 8 in the morning. and stay there til 5 or so. kind of marks the end of certain freedoms. at the same time, feels good to be back in the work-a-day world.

by friday i was really looking forward to the weekend though. just like most monday thru friday workers do. and now it's sunday, and i'm sorta sliding into a funk thinking about going back to the office monday. and tuesday. and wednesday. and so forth and so on. makes me feel like i should try to accomplish something today. but i accomplished most of my things needing accomplishing yesterday. what's left that i need to do? well, not really anything much. but whatever i don't get done today will have to wait until next weekend. i'm not sure i like being normal.

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