Thursday, June 25, 2009

farrah and michael - a stark contrast

ironic that both should die on the same day.

i don't remember just exactly when farrah fawcett came to prominence. mid seventies, i suppose.

michael was a star before her. but i think that was mostly as the cute little boy singer with the jackson five. i think he went off on his own, becoming his own success, about the same time farrah became one of charlie's angels and adorned what must be the best selling t-shirt of all time.

so while i was strutting around in my farrah t-shirt and bell bottoms, others, primarily younger girls, were strutting around with thriller t-shirts and leg warmers. both farrah and michael were icons to different sectors of our society.

both seemed to fall from grace in later years. both for very different reasons. michael because he became reclusive. what some felt was freakish. (i'm included in that group.) farrah became sickly. fighting cancer for a number of years and finally succombing to the dreaded disease just weeks after releasing a privately filmed documentary displaying her grace to the end.

both had their fans. both had their detractors. but both left behind great numbers of fans, family, suppporters.

rest in peace to both.

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  1. Never was much a fan of either of them...though I did start to appreciate Jackson's talent. I would never bring myself to buying any of his music.

    However, someone I was a huge fan of also passed away. Steven Wells. I used to read his stuff in the NME when I was a teen and in 442 and 90 minutes later in life. Great writer.