Thursday, June 18, 2009

yesterday's saga continues . . .

i'm not one to believe in jinxes or hoaxes or mercury being in retrograde and causing us all kinds of woes. yeah, yesterday was a rather bad day. but today is shiny and bright and, ah, 92.7 degrees. with 49 percent humidityityity. your deoderant starts to fade the minute you stand up. inside.

but it's a pleasant day. scooter's cheered up some. i'm over the failure i had making hon's computer print. i'll revisit that when we get back from branson. and yeah, we're going to branson for a long weekend. looking forward to seeing tori and the boys. maybe even take in a show. i'm up for some good, clean fun.

so at about 10 o'clock i set out for walmart to pick up some stuff to take to branson. drinks, snack stuff, razor blades, etc. on the way i figured i'd drive thru the car wash. the fancy one on northwest expressway where you just sit in your car and some chain drive mechanism tows you through sprayers and brushes and swipers and blowers and more sprayers and more brushes and colorful, swirly, twisty sprayers, and then more rinsers before passing you under some humongous hair dryers and back out into the bright sunlight. twelve bucks for the jim dandy wash. only ten for the plain dandy. but i figure if it's good enough for jim, it's good enough for me.

half-way through the maze of sprayers and blasters and brushes and . . . the brushes stopped swirling and the shakers stopped shaking and the blowers stopped blowing. i exited the wash with suds added to the grime that was on the car to begin with.

drove back to the front and told the little guy i'd been ripped off. he had me line up again. this time they stopped the tow chain half-way thru so they could reset the parts that didn't work the first time. didn't work. now i've added more suds on top of the suds and grime i had to start with.

so the little fella said he had placed a call to the service dude and he would be there in 20 minutes or so. i said just give me my money back. he suggested he give me a card for a free wash instead, cause they don't keep cash, it goes in the machine out front. i suggested that perhaps since i'd been so amazingly patient, which was a reach for me after yesterday, he should probably give me two car wash cards. reluctantly he agreed to do just that.

so i set out for wally world once again. and on the way in i notice k-mart has one of them little mickey mouse car washes that you just park in and the machinery drives from the front to the back of your car, then again and again until it's gotten the job done.

i pull up to their machine, select the 7 dollar super-wash, not the 8 buck super-duper-wash, and insert a 10 dollar bill. well, i try to insert a 10 dollar bill. machine won't take it. in fact, the bill accepter doesn't even make any noise. obviously, it's broken.

well, now i'm pretty perturbed. figure i'll go on to wally world and worry about the car wash later. but between circle k and walmart i see another car wash. this one has the do-it-yourself coin-op bays as well as the drive into and watch it work bays. i went to the drive int and let the machine do it's thing. 8 bucks here for the super duper. 10 for the all you can eat. i opted for the super duper and drove in.

i have to admit that i was skeptical throughout the duration of the wash/rinse/wax/rinse/dry cycles, but ultimately we got the job done. finally, something worked.

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