Wednesday, May 20, 2009

auction item number 1 - my first find, the gold nugget

well, i set out to the wilds with my metal detector. my first stop? my back yard. and as luck would have it, within the first minute the instrument started beeping. and the display indicated that it thought what it had located was either gold or some sort, or some type of coin.

i didn't have much digging to do. this was on the high side of the yard, where time and erosion, as well as subdivision excavation, had over the years reduced the amount of soil covering this up.

the gold coloring immediately caught my eye. wow! my first find is a true treasure. a gold nugget. and it's pretty good sized, as well, perhaps an inch in diameter. this alone will cover the cost of my detector.

i was really excited by this rare find. i came running into the house and showed it to hon. and she did everything she could to burst my bubble. first she pointed out the grooves that seemed to run the perimeter of the nugget. plus, she noted, because of it's light weight, it's no doubt aluminum rather than gold.


to add insult to injury, she pointed out that the item was actually smashed, and in it's original state had been threaded. no doubt the cap from a wine bottle. from one of those fine wines that use a twist off cap rather than those cheesy corks that they use for cheap wines.

that's ok, cause now i realize that the item is a part of history. since our yard is in the direct flight path of wiley post airport, this has to be a bottle cap that wiley, or his constant companion, will rogers, dropped out the plane window when they were coming in to land.

no, that can't be. cause they were still using those stupid corks in bottles back in the 30's.

well, the item maybe be worthless. but wait, garth brooks lives not far from him. maybe . . .

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