Wednesday, May 20, 2009

treasure hunting

i think that most of us, speaking about the red-blooded american male, have, since we first discovered their existence, longed to own, or at least use, a metal detector. we've fantasized about finding great masses of buried treasure, just ours for the taking.

and since my sister mentioned to me once that they've found all sorts of antique items buried in their yard, i've been thinking i could find wondrous things. if i just had a metal detector.

so one day a few weeks back i went hunting. not treasure. but hunting a metal detector. and i found one in a pawn shop not far from home. at a very reasonable price.

when we got home i played with it a bit, but didn't understand all the settings and how to read the display. it beeped constantly, and i kept finding nothing.

so i decided to rely upon the trusty internet and was able to download the instruction manual for the treasure chest locater x-134. and after perusing through the manual, i figured the darn thing out.

so sunday afternoon, after braving the outback and the snakes, i decided i'd brave the wilds once again and set out in search of buried treasure. below are the items i've discovered to date. validating the claim that all men need this too.

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