Wednesday, May 20, 2009

auction item number 6 - the ring

yes. this is it. the item you've all been waiting for. my most recent discovery. beeped it up in the outback quite by accident. i was giving up, as the mosquitoes seemed to be finding more treasures than i was. namely me. so as i was walking back to the gate, with the detector aimed no where in particular, the beeping started. and i can tell from my detector that it's something smallish. something seemingly silver or gold.

so i dig. and i find. this time it's an amazing solid silver ring! well, maybe not solid silver. maybe it's silver coated? or maybe chrome coated. but i think it's a genuine treasure. no doubt was once someone's wedding ring. or engagement. at the peak of the ring there are threads, where i believe a diamond was once screwed in. or maybe some metal something in which a jeweler would mount a diamond.

hon says it's too big to be a ring. i'm thinking that in prehistoric days there were probably lots of women with 1 1/2 inch diameter fingers.

we'll start bidding on this item at $0.01, plus shipping.

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