Wednesday, May 20, 2009

auction item number 2 - the deadly arrow

what an amazing find. i'm more excited by the history relative to this object than anything else i've uncovered.

found buried about six inches deep in the back yard was this prehistoric cherokee hunting arrow. very impressive in it's condition.

but as a novice treasure hunter i made a few mistakes with this one. you see, when i initially uncovered it, i found merely the tip. at first i thought i may be messing with some type of utility piping, as it was metal, and i didn't generally think of arrows as being constructed of metal. i guess the prehistoric cherokee were very technologically advanced. even more impressive is that the butt end of the arrow seems to be constructed of something resembling plastic. wow!

anyhow, my mistake was this. i grabbed the tip of the arrow and pulled. and the rest of the arrow simply followed the tip into the open air.

had i been more patient, had i been a little more skilled in hunting treasure in this fashion, i'd have taken more care. because i'm guessing that the feathers probably peeled off when i pulled the arrow free. then as i thought more about it other considerations came into play. the arrow was essentially level, with the arrow tip pointing toward the house. deeply buried. so i have to wonder how, if it was shot from a distance, that it would be level. seems as though it would be angled, tip deeper than the butt end. hmmmm.

that's when i figured out that the arrow had likely been imbedded into some sort of prehistoric animal. who up and died and lay there for many centuries as silt and clay eroded onto the top if him. perhaps a wild boar. or maybe even a wooly mammoth. and had i thought quickly enough, i probably could have uncovered the remains of this prehistoric beast. now i can't remember the exact spot where the arrow was located. and damned if i'm gonna dig up the whole yard to find the wooly mammoth. who knows, that could be dangerous. maybe prehistoric mammoths could hibernate for hundreds of years. and he'd still be alive. or maybe prehistoric maggots could . . .

bidding for this very value item begins only at $0.01, plus shipping.

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