Wednesday, May 20, 2009

auction item number 4 - perhaps an ancient race car toy?

i found this item deeply buried in the outback. i was surprised by it's size. and it's in almost pristine condition. except for being flattened out.

what it is, i believe, is some sort of beverage advertising gimmick. and since i remember seeing race cars with identical logo art, i believe this is actually an antique toy car. you can see things that resemble the roof opening flaps used by today's nascar racers, and i think that's what these represent.

this would have been a great toy for the lethargic child. sure to wake him up.

bidding shall commence at $0.01, plus shipping. low reserve.


  1. hey...that's the old Mt. Dew logo. It's gotta be a collectors item now. It's at least 5 years old (according to Wikipedia that logo was used between '99 and '05) so, it may actually have some value....but you many wanna hold onto it for a couple years just to get the most from your find. Then again, what will they give you at the local recycling center?

  2. i'm holding out for a strong bid on e-bay.